Queer Culture in Aotearoa



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In this thesis I explore queerness in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand utilizing historical sources, modern day texts, and interviews with members of the community. Major events like legislative rulings and pride parades will primarily be explored as markers of where we are in time through this essay. The goal of this thesis is to examine the layers of history that encompass queerness in Aotearoa up to present day. Utilizing survey results along with interviews of community members will provide insight to the cultural norms of queerness within Wellington that may not be easily visible otherwise. This thesis will be comprised of three main parts Queer Aotearoa which will focus on the history of queerness in Aotearoa up to present day. Subject Interviews and Analysis which is a condensed version of the transcribed interviews along with analysis of those interviews which includes the consumption of America media, utilizing social media as their primary form of social interactions, and coming out to friends before family members. The final chapter is Homonationalism in Wellington where I explore nationalistic tendencies within queer communities and events like pride.



Queer, Māori, Homonationalism, Anthropology