Undergraduate Research Day, October 11, 2012



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On our eighth annual Undergraduate Research Day we applaud the accomplishments of the 56 students who participated in the 2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program, and the over 70 additional undergraduate researchers who completed mentored research projects during the past year. Each year this event continues to grow in size and stature. The increasing number and variety of the projects presented today is a testament to the thriving undergraduate research culture here at the University of Houston. Our students continue to impress us with their talent, intelligence, hard work, and dedication. It's exciting to see what they have achieved in the past 12 months, and to witness their delight in sharing those endeavors with others. To the students presenting at Undergraduate Research Day: We congratulate you! You've gotten a taste of the effort and perseverance required to break ground in your chosen career paths. Conducting research, as you have learned, is not without its frustrations: set-backs are to be expected in the pursuit of new, shareable knowledge. We recognize how well you have overcome those obstacles, and have already started contributing to your field. In addition, you are developing long-lasting mentorships with faculty. The graduates and undergraduates you have met may have already become colleagues and friends. We hope you will stay in contact with them as you go forward into your profession. Take pride in all you have accomplished this year - you have already started building the foundation for your future success. Special thanks must also be extended to the faculty mentors who provide our students with the rare opportunity to participate in real world projects that give students a window into the realities of their profession. Under your guidance, they cultivate the skills and confidence that will serve them well throughout their professional lives. Thank you, faculty mentors, for helping to shape the next generation's leaders. We were fortunate to have a dynamic range of speakers in our 2012 SURF Brown Bag Lecture Series (visit page 41 for details). SURF lecturers share experi-ences and provide advice, helping our students begin to model the life of a researcher, deeply committed to his or her work. This series, a highlight of the summer research program, benefits our undergraduates by better preparing them for graduate or professional school or the work force. The selection committee continues to do an outstanding job with the challenging task of reviewing the many applications we receive for scholarships and fellowships each year. They also provide the necessary guidance and feedback to assist us in modifying our office's policies and procedures. Their contributions are vital to the success of the Office of Under-graduate Research. Last but not least, we thank the Provost's Office, the Division of Research, and The Honors College for their support. The funding we receive from these units allows us to bolster and expand the mentored research programs that enhance the academic experiences of hundreds of undergraduates last year. It has been a truly rewarding year for our undergraduate researchers at the University of Houston, and a privilege for us to support their endeavors. We hope you enjoy this exciting day.



Office of Undergraduate Research