The Relationship between Social Cohesion and Electronic Aggression: A Theoretical Approach to a Contemporary Social Problem



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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


The relationship between electronic aggression (cyber-bullying) and adolescents falls at the intersection of two theoretical frameworks: the theory of adolescent development and the theoretical construct of social cohesion. In this article, the discipline of psychology helps to provide information about adolescent development, specifically the significance of group involvement, and the sociological perspective informs about group involvement and social cohesion as a social phenomenon. The marriage of these two theoretical backdrops is instrumental when studying social phenomena in adolescent peer groups. In this paper, social cohesion, viewed in a theoretical context, will compliment developmental theory and will be applied to the study of adolescent electronic aggression.



Perspectives on Social Work, Elizabeth Lasky, Jennifer Herbert, Adolescents, Perspectives on Social Work, Social work, Adolescents