Centers of motion associated with EF-Tu binding to the ribosome



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RNA Biology


Structural centers of motion (pivot points) in the ribosome have recently been identified by measurement of conformational changes in rRNA resulting from EF-G GTP hydrolysis. This series of measurements is extended here to the ribosome’s interactions with the cofactor EF-Tu. Four recent EF-Tu bound ribosome structures were compared to unbound structures. A total of 16 pivots were identified, of which 4 are unique to the EF-Tu interaction. Pivots in the GTPase associated center and the sarcin-ricin loop omitted previously, are found to be mobile in response to both EF-Tu and EF-G binding. Pivots in the intersubunit bridge rRNAs are found to be cofactor specific. Head swiveling motions in the small subunit are observed in the EF-Tu bound structures that were trapped post GTP hydrolysis. As in the case of pivots associated with EF-G, the additional pivots described here are associated with weak points in the rRNA structures such as non-canonical pairs and bulge loops. The combined set of pivots should be regarded as a minimal set. Only several states available to the ribosome have been presented in this work. Future, precise crystal structures in conjunction with experimental data will likely show additional functional pivoting elements in the rRNA.



EF-G, EF-Tu, Intersubunit rotation, Non standard base pairs, Pivot points, Ribosome dynamics, Sarcin Ricin loop, Translation


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