Freedom For All Faiths? What Was the Founding Father’s Purpose in the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment?



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The first amendment is a pivotal part of The United States of America that has been a shining light to other countries heading into democracy. Many countries boggle at the fact that our press has so much leeway, that people can say anything they want, and assemble to protest things they find fault with the government. What about the free exercise clause, what did the framers intend? Were other religions within Christianity protected, what about Jews, or Muslims? The purpose of this research is to look at the writings of the framers to get a better idea of the intention of free exercise. The founding fathers intent is in their writings on the subject and specifically a letter to a Hebrew Congregation from George Washington, the intent was for all religions. This project was completed with contributions from Steven Prewitt from Lone Star College - Tomball Honors College.