The design of a pole-assignment based adaptive PID controller for automatic blood pressure control



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A PID controller designed using pole assignment is combined with the recursive least square parameter estimation algorithm to form a pole-assignment based adaptive PID controller for use in blood pressure control. The algorithm is written in FORTRAN-77 and calls up real-time system service subroutines in the DEC PDP-11/70 RSX-11M PLUS operating system enviroment. It is simulated by using an Auto Regressive Moving Average (ARMA) model with disturbances factor generated by the Gaussian white noise process. The whole task is then down-loaded to a LSI 11/23 RSX-11S microcomputer. The results demonstrate that the algorithm is robust to changes to system parameters when the identification is discontinued and insensitive to the sampling interval.



Blood pressure--Regulation--Data processing, Patient monitoring