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Neglected Nature is a project that will propose a system which helps to decay human bodies naturally and return it back to nature as soil, without any added chemicals or use of unnatural substances; to help heal and thrive the land with trees and plants. The simple cycle of the project can make it adaptable anywhere around the world and species of plants and trees can be changed to whatever works best and local to the designated area. This choice of natural burials will help unite our ways of perceiving death and understand that death is everyone's destiny; we must experience it for others to live and the balance of nature to remain. The larger idea of the project is to understand that Everything organic will reach its state of equilibrium. We have no benefit from working against that. If we let go of our loved ones in a natural way, replacing the process with organic matter, then we can start looking at architecture in a similar way; We do not need buildings that live far longer than humans, and we can start substituting unnatural materials with innovative organic materials that will eventually go back to nature if the space is no longer in use.



Natural burial, Architecture