A descriptive study of the academically average high ninth grade and high eighth grade students at Lanier Junior High School during the school year 1959-1960, as revealed by recorded school data



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This study has been conducted and reported as descriptive research. It has described the average 'C' student from the recorded school data in a particular junior high school during a limited period of time. Descriptive data were collected from the following school records: 1) Houston Public School Permanent Record Card--residence, date of birth, sex, grade in school, and academic grades earned in each of the major academic subjects for each of the grading periods from seventh grade through the ninth grade, inclusive; 2) Standardized Test Record Card--intelligence quotient from the Otis Quick-Scoring Mental Ability Test, New Edition, Beta Form Em, grade equivalent scores secured on each of the tests (Paragraph Meaning, Word Meaning, Spelling, Language, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Arithmetic Computation) contained in the Stanford Achievement Test, Partial Battery, Advanced Form Km. Data were recorded and total over-all grade point averages were computed for each of the 632 students for whom there were complete data. The 212 students selected for this study were those high eighth grade and high ninth grade students having a total over-all grade point average of 'C', 1.50 to 2.49, inclusive. The group studied was composed of 90 high ninth grade and 122 high eighth grade students.



Junior high school students--Texas--Houston