A 2D time reversal depth migration program for the Cyber 205 vector processor

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A time reversal two-dimensional (2D) depth migration program was designed and implemented on the GDC Cyber 205 vector processor. The program was designed to handle a 256 times 256 spatial grid. The Fourier method was used as the computational basis of the program. In this thesis, we first describe the depth migration method in mathematical generality. We then discuss the basic features of vector processors and present an overview of the Cyber 205 system. Finally, we give details of program implementation. The purpose of this research was to implement the above migration program on a high performance vector processor in order to shorten processing time. Testing of the program was performed by comparison to a program using the same algorithm on the VAX-11/780 with a FPS-100 Array Processor. This program was written by Chung (1982). The measured computing time and plotted snap-shots for various test cases are shown. Results are discussed with respect to improvement of the computing time.

CYBER computer, Time reversal