A comparison of the effects of two instructional methods on the acquisition of skills in beginning swimming



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A review of the literature indicated that the development of new techniques to teach the non-swimmer is needed. The central problem presented for research was: What is the nature of the difference between acquiring beginning aquatic skills while employing two different methods of instruction, i.e., (a) the American Red Cross Method for beginners, and (b) Modified American Red Cross Method for beginners utilizing commercial training aids. The purpose of this study was: to investigate the use of commercial training aids and their effects upon the acquisition of aquatic skills for beginning swimmers of college age. The independent variables were: (a) treatment, (b) floating ability, and (c) school. The dependent variables were: (a) a timed 25 yard swim employing the crawl stroke, and (b) the number of strokes required to swim 25 yards employing the elementary backstroke. [...]