Book Review: Brené Brown, B. (2004). Women & shame: Reaching out, speaking truths & building connection. Austin, TX: 3C Press.



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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


Dr. Brené Brown presents Women & Shame, a painful and universal topic for women and anyone who loves women, in a very enlightening, edifying, and intriguing style. She gracefully makes a gender-specific concern a matter of growth and empowerment. I have not been as excited about a book in some time, evidenced through my purchasing multiple copies for Christmas gifts for female family members. Dr. Brown presents the tenets of shame so honestly that the reader not only cries tears of release and discovery, but also laughs out loud; Dr. Brown’s insights and interpretations originating from the interviews are bittersweet and poignant. This book is critical for women, a must-read, testament to our university and Social Work program. Dr. Brown speaks to those of us who are PhD students by revealing that research can be many things and does not have to be dry and difficult. Women & Shame covers vital issues relevant to the shame continuum in three areas: research methods, content, and impact.



Amy Russell, Women & Shame, Dr. Brené Brown, Social work, Women & Shame, Brown, Brené, Perspectives on Social Work