Antibody-Functionalized Nanophosphor Particles for Use as Reporters in Lateral Flow Assays



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The main goal of this project was to identify important buffer components that improve the performance of nanophosphor reporters in a lateral flow assay. A model system based on the capture of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) by two antibodies: monoclonal mouse anti-β hCG antibodies (Arista Biologicals, item # ABBCG-0402) and goat polyclonal anti-α hCG antibodies (Arista Biologicals, item # ABACG-0500). The principles of partial factorial design of experiments were used to screen common buffer additives. Comparing the relative effect of such components is key to develop better buffer formulations that enhance the performance of nanophosphor-based LFAs. Furthermore, relating the effects of certain buffer components to its mechanism of action could also shed a light on the interactions involved in the assay  such as specific and nonspecific interactions or liquid diffusion through a porous membrane.