Ghosting I. M. Pei

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In 1980 I. M. Pei completed his design of the Chase Tower, a building that has still holds the title as the tallest in Houston. The project was built with funds from the late 70's Oil boom along with a surplus of other banking and office infrastructure. In 1984 Pei designed a drive-through bank as an addition to the Chase Tower, built four blocks away at Milam and Congress Street. The pinwheel one-story structure ignores its potential connection to Buffalo Bayou. Today, online banking as well as real estate pressure on a one-story full block site makes the drive-through obsolete, and the location on the bayou leaves the building vulnerable to flooding. The building is abandoned, and its lot is used for parking and loitering. This project explores obsolescence in architecture and aims to build on I. M. Pei's legacy by reimagining the future use of the drive-through bank and its connection to the sub-grade surrounding landscape.

Monumentalism, Obsolescence, Pei, I. M., Architecture Impermanence, Houston, Buffalo Bayou, Entertainment, Landscape, Flooding, Ghosting, Laser Scan, Digital Park