Let it ROAR: Expanding University of Houston’s Open Access Services


As part of the University of Houston (UH) Libraries’ 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, a cross-departmental implementation team was formed to expand our open access research repository services beyond electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) to include a broad range of faculty, staff, and student works. The result of this effort is Cougar Research Open Access Repositories (ROAR): a portal to the UH Institutional Repository (UHIR) and the UH Data Repository (UHDR) which host scholarly works and data generated by the UH community. This presentation details the team’s phased activities including internal preparation, pilot program, and finding and recommendations. Sub-teams were formed to carry out specific tasks, such as building the Cougar ROAR platform, developing ROAR policies and guidelines, enhancing institutional repository functions, scheduling campus promotional activities, and launching the open access pilot program. The presentation will also include strategies for gaining administrative and faculty buy-in, findings from faculty focus groups, insights into the metadata and technical considerations for the two systems, modes of deposit, training and promotion strategies, and a discussion of lessons learned. Many universities and research organizations are seeking to expand their open access repository services or migrate systems. This presentation will offer both general strategies and specific solutions that will be helpful to those and other institutions promoting new modes of scholarly communication.



Open access, Scholarly communication, Institutional repositories, Project management, Open access, Scholarly communications, Institutional repositories, Project management