Developing A Model for An Integrated Transplantation Network



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The research project focuses on Developing A Model for an Integrated Transplantation Network. The question that the research attempts to answer is “What is the relationship between OPOs, NPOs, Transplant Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Registration Rates and Transplantation Rates. We believe that organ transplantation rates are dependent not only on registration rates but also the accessibility of organ procurement organizations, transplant hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and facilitation networks. I hypothesize that the predicted order of importance is OPO’s, Transplant Hospitals, NPO Networks, Registration rates and lastly pharmaceutical companies. To answer this question, the methods will be analytical based on data available concerning the transplant rates over time with regards to three main states: Texas, Minnesota and Alaska. The research falls under the umbrella of health care policies focusing specifically on organ transplants in the states based on policies that implement new units in the Transplantation Network. Ultimately, this research seeks to provide a direction for future policies so that the members of the Transplantation network can be more successful.