Mooring system design criteria and analysis procedures



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Mooring system analysis and evaluation requires the establishing of design criteria and operational limits to include oceanographic data, vessel motion response curves, mooring system components and a procedure for combining all factors into a thorough and comprehensive analysis. This thesis includes a discussion on the types and characteristics of mooring anchors to include conventional anchors, explosive anchors, driven and drilled-in anchor piles. Formulas and recommendations for determining the type of mooring line to be used are presented along with maintenance and inspections procedures. Methods for calculating wind, current and wave drift forces acting on ship-shape and semi-submersible drilling vessels are discussed as they relate to vessel motion response and mooring system reactions. The final portion of the thesis combines the mooring system components, vessel responses and oceanographic conditions to yield a complete mooring analysis procedure to include mooring line pre-tensioning concepts, recommended vessel orientations and procedures to be followed during operational and survival conditions.