An introduction to ideology in the new left



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The purpose of this paper is to examine briefly the several social and economic theories pressed by activists of the New Left in the framework of a new developing radical ideology in America. Reference is made to this particular social and political Movement within the context of a general theory of ideology outlined in Chapter One. The delineation of the 'New' Left is set by reference to Its closest ideological relative, the 'Old' Left, A brief summary of the development of major New Left ideas Is given tracing these ideas from their roots in the Movement itself. It is a major contention of this thesis that the New Left has raised questions and proposed ideas that are not so 'new' as many New Leftists think, but rather as New Left ideology develops it will, and has, pulled itself in line with at least the logic of the major propositions of classical Marxist and Anarchist thought.



Ideology, Politics