Hybrid Newton-like Inverse Free Algorithms for Solving Nonlinear Equations


Iterative algorithms requiring the computationally expensive in general inversion of linear operators are difficult to implement. This is the reason why hybrid Newton-like algorithms without inverses are developed in this paper to solve Banach space-valued nonlinear equations. The inverses of the linear operator are exchanged by a finite sum of fixed linear operators. Two types of convergence analysis are presented for these algorithms: the semilocal and the local. The Fréchet derivative of the operator on the equation is controlled by a majorant function. The semi-local analysis also relies on majorizing sequences. The celebrated contraction mapping principle is utilized to study the convergence of the Krasnoselskij-like algorithm. The numerical experimentation demonstrates that the new algorithms are essentially as effective but less expensive to implement. Although the new approach is demonstrated for Newton-like algorithms, it can be applied to other single-step, multistep, or multipoint algorithms using inverses of linear operators along the same lines.




Algorithms 17 (4): 154 (2024)