The analysis of situation-response inventory data : the relations between ANOVA and three-mode factor analysis



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The field of interactional psychology is characterized by the view that human behavior is a complex function of person, situation, and response variables. Interactionists working in many different content areas of psychology assume that adequate description of person-situation interactions is basic to any understanding of most psychological phenomena. Development of measurement and analytic techniques which will aid in the identification and description of person-situation interactions holds high priority in many content areas of interest to interactionists. One such area where both measurement and data analysis innovations have received much attention is the study of coping with psychological stress. One instrument which has potential for identifying and describing interactions in terms of person-situation coping styles is the Situation-Response (SR) inventory of coping. The administration of this self-report instrument produces a three-way classification matrix (persons by situations by responses) which has been analyzed via ANOVA and three-mode factor analysis. Both of these techniques yield valuable but different information on data from the SR inventory. [...]



Personality and situation