A Study of Convergence of Sixth-Order Contraharmonic-Mean Newton’s Method (CHN) with Applications and Dynamics



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We develop the local convergence of the six order Contraharmonic-mean Newton’s method (CHN) to solve Banach space valued equations. Our analysis approach is two fold: The first way uses Taylor’s series and derivatives of higher orders. The second one uses only the first derivatives. We examine the theoretical results by solving a boundary value problem also using the examples relating the proposed method with other’s methods such as Newton’s, Kou’s and Jarratt’s to show that the proposed method performs better. The conjugate maps for second-degree polynomial are verified. We also calculate the fixed points (extraneous). The article is completed with the study of basins of attraction, which support and further validate the theoretical and numerical results.




Foundations 4 (1): 47-60 (2024)