King Solomon's Temple a Cornerstone for Modern Construction



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Historians believe the traditional construction began to take shape in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Achaemenid empire. However, there is no specific building or area that can be marked as the beginning of modern construction. As the world constantly advances, we need to understand that modern technology and practices have evolved from prior principles and guidelines. Engineers today need to understand the principles that have laid the foundation for contemporary construction, and how they have developed over the years. King Solomon’s temple is a perfect example of a structure that embodies these principles to which we still practice. As engineers, we begin to analyze this building to understand how it came to be by asking questions like, how the structure was built, what planning went into making it possible, why the material selection was so important, and how they were able to transport these materials with limited technology at that time. These questions are important because they help set fundamental reasoning and similarity with modern-day construction. This study discusses the key construction methodologies of how antiquity serves as foundations of modern construction such as prefabrication.