Huxley's love interests : a pathology of emotional frigidity



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The thesis suggested that Huxley used his novels to explore an area of major concern to him, the area of the emotions. It showed, more specifically, that he used the love interest in his novels to explore a grave emotional problem, emotional frigidity. Making the observation that the important male characters exhibit only stunted and twisted emotional responses in their amorous relations with women, further noting that none of the characters succeed in establishing a wholesome, intimate relationship with a woman, and finally, pointing out that the characters fall roughly into four categories according to the tactics they use to avoid genuine intimacy in sexual relationships, the analysis concluded that the characters taken all together form a composite study of the emotionally frigid man and his dilemma. This conclusion derives from the premise that Huxley used the technique of the cubist and fragmented his subject into different character it envisions these characters, in turn, falling into four categories which dramatize four sides of the emotionally frigid personality. And finally, it implies that individual characters within each category provide different perspectives on the same feature of the frigid personality. [...]