An analysis of basic motion timestudy



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An analysis of Basic Motion Timestudy was entered into for the purpose of becoming thoroughly familiar with this most recent development In one of Industrial Engineering's important fields of research -- Synthetic Time Standards, Explanation of interest In this field was then postulated through the evaluation of present and growing usage of systems developed and the value of further research to the profession. The initial approach was made through an outline of the history of development of the important universal systems and their general claims of applicability upon publication, As a follow up, the systems extant today were viewed through the eyes of independent analysts and data available on the scope of usage. An outline of the Basic Motion Timestudy Manual was next developed to show the essence of development technique, and general reasoning basic to the system's structure. In the nature of a separate, physical examination of the system under study, a laboratory, experiment was undertaken for the purpose of reproducing for correlation and statistical analysis some of the motion patterns that established the developer's data. Because limited data on only one motion pattern was obtained, the results were of value primarily as witness to closer acquaintance with the system and as a pilot for further experimental evaluation along this line. Results were plotted, analyzed and compared to the original BMT data and conclusions drawn as to the experiment's value.