A Magnetic Manipulator Cooled With Liquid Nitrogen

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IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

Miniature robots manipulated by external magnetic fields could enable less invasive surgeries. Magnetic tools, capsules, or medication can be controlled inside a human body using electromagnets. However, resistive magnetic devices able to produce strong magnetic fields in a large volume inefficiently use space and energy. This letter presents the design and testing of a magnetic manipulator cooled with liquid nitrogen. This technique reduces the electrical resistance of copper wires. It, therefore, reduces the amount of heat generated to produce a given magnetic field. Liquid nitrogen-cooled electromagnets are smaller than air-cooled ones and use less power. This letter examines how both effects scale with the size of the workspace. The system presented possesses six electromagnets and its ability to control a robot is demonstrated experimentally.

Magnetic resonance imaging, Coils, Magnetic cores, Manipulators, Nitrogen, Electromagnets
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