Basic Querying with SPARQL



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The SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language is an essential linked data technology used to create, maintain, and retrieve RDF information. This session will provide an introduction to basic SPARQL query syntax including SELECT, FILTER, UNION, and the use of variables. Attendees will learn how to write simple SPARQL queries that reveal what kinds of data a triple store holds, and how to develop triple patterns that retrieve data in useful ways. The presentation will demonstrate the use of the Apache Jena ARQ tool to query local datasets and online SPARQL endpoints, and provide pointers to online resources for practicing SPARQL queries and working with linked data.


This presentation was delivered on April 23rd, 2015 as part of the Linked Data & RDF: New Frontiers in Metadata and Access online conference sponsored by Amigos Library Services.


SPARQL, ARQ, linked data, RDF, SPARQL, ARQ, Linked data, RDF