An examination and adjustment of nutritional problems concurrent with Cytoxan treatment



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Patients under treatment with Cytoxan have reportedly experienced abnormal food tastes» In order to confirm or disprove this phenomenon, ten hospital patients were interviewed for food responses. Of these, five were receiving Cytoxan treatment. The Cytoxan patients were paired with non-Cytoxan patients for stage of the disease, age and ethnic group. All ten patients in this study had advanced cancer of the ovary. Both groups ate a regular hospital diet concurrently. The Cytoxan patients, with one exception, consistently reported abnormal tastes in all foods except milk, fruits and fruit juices. The exception was an underpriviledged negro woman. Her food during her hospitalization was so far superior to her previous diet that she relished every food item. The non-Cytoxan patients consistently reported normal food tastes. A food guide was developed for the Cytoxan patients using the most palatable foods as a basis. This guide meets the recommended nutritional needs of the average age group studied.