Navigating the Primo Resource Type Jungle: Connecting Resource Types to RDA and Local Collections



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At the University of Houston our decision for the use of resources types in our Primo discovery system were influenced by two local projects. Prior to implementing Primo, our library completed an RDA Enhancement project allowed us to better categorize library material types using RDA elements for content type, carrier type, and media type. We wanted to make use of this work to provide some continuity between the OPAC and the discovery platform. Meanwhile our Digital Library was working to revamp the dc:format-medium field so that digital objects are categorized more consistently and accurately. We will discuss our RDA Enhancement project, as well as how it and our digital collections influenced how we use Primo's default resource types and develop custom resource types.


This presentation was given at the Ex Libris Users of North America Annual Meeting held in Oklahoma City, OK on May 4, 2016


Resource types, Content types, Material types, Resource types, Content types, Material types