SNMP MIB for OpenFlow-Capable Switch



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Network Management Systems (NMSs) rely heavily on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for exchanging information between managed devices. In this thesis, we thought of introducing SNMP to Software Defined Network (SDN); the new promising paradigm in the world of networking. While MIBs (Management Information Bases) are central to SNMP functionality, we focused on investigating and designing effective MIBs for SDN managed entities such as switches and routers. In the designing stages, we emphasized our analysis and investigation on the requirements and specifications of the standard configuration and management protocol (OF-CONFIG) of all SDN operational contexts and its companion OpenFlow protocol. The outcome of our design is a data model of OF-CONFIG MIB mapped to SNMP. This data model is considered as a specific framework of SDN switch MIBs. Therefore, this thesis briefly explains a road map of MIB development in an SDN environment. As a result, the information in this thesis can be used as a guide for further design extensions, testing and implementation of SDN effective MIBs.



SDN, OpenFlow, OF-CONGIF, OF-Capable Switch, SNMP, MIB