An investigation of the effect of professional negotiations on management functions of the secondary school principal



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Problem. The problem was to determine the nature and extent of limitations imposed by teacher-board negotiated agreements on the exercise of traditional prerogatives of secondary school principals in school districts having such agreements and to observe the behavioral response of secondary school principals in school districts having agreements that affect their functional areas. Population. The population for the study included all school districts in the. United States having 25,000 or more enrollment. Altogether, 169 school districts were included. Method and Instruments. A status survey to the population brought 158 responses divided into 59 districts with no contracts and 99 with negotiated contracts. The latter districts submitted their current contracts. Forty-one of these contracts were found to include all facets of bargaining or negotiating. The remaining fifty-eight contracts were primarily procedural documents. [...]



High school principals, School management and organization