Telemedicine Follow-up: Reduction of Hospital Readmission Rates for CHF Patients


Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a significant issue affecting millions of adults with a high readmission rate of 26.9% within 30 days of hospital discharge 1,2 which imposes a substantial economic burden, costing an estimated $17 billion in Medicare spending annually. 3 Telemedicine enables continued monitoring of symptoms, prompt access to care, medication adherence and lifestyle modifications, thereby facilitating early intervention and prevention of exacerbations. 2,4 Implementation of follow-up telemedicine visits shortly after hospital discharge reduces readmission rates compared to patients without follow-up. 5 By adopting this practice, healthcare providers can enhance patient outcomes, reduce costs, and improve symptom management for adults with CHF.



Congestive heart failure, Readmission rate, Telemedicine benefits, Telemedicine follow-up, Cost of readmission