Corporate Social Responsibility and the Magic of Meaning Theory in Major Corporations LGBTQ+ Pride Advertisements



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The objective of this research is to find what types of pride campaigns produce the best results for the company advertising and for the LGBTQ+ community and use the findings to pinpoint the ideal campaign that implements social issues. Through analyzing the campaign components, the company benefits from the campaign, and the gay community gain from the campaign, I will evaluate the relationship between these dilemmas to determine if they influence each other and if more detailed and physically supportive campaigns prove to be more beneficial for all parties. I theorize that when companies A. Donate money to politicians and political causes that support LGBTQ+ causes and rights, B. physically or monetarily contribute to LGBTQ+ activism, and C. Produce authentic and well-considered social media and advertisement campaigns, then the corporation will receive more revenue, a positive image, and consumer support because of the consistency they place in CSR advertising and implementation practices. Therefore, companies in the future that implement consistent CSR communications related to LGBTQ+ pride and equality will also be successful, and there will be an approximately linear relationship between the implementation of these items and corporate gain.



Strategic communication