The United Nations force in Cyprus



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The United Nations force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) was created by the Security Council and stationed on the island of Cyprus in March, 1964. The Force was organized to function as a peace-keeping force to prevent a recurrance of fighting between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot forces. UNPICYP was also to contribute to the restoration and maintenance of law and order and a return to normal conditions in Cyprus. The purpose of this study was to describe the factors which led to the creation of UNFICYP; to describe the characterization of the Force; and to determine to what extend the UN Force in Cyprus was able to achieve its objectives. UN documents were used to trace the history of the creation of the Force and its activities in Cyprus. Security Council Official Records were used to obtained the views of the members of the Security Council as well as the viewsof the Parties to the conflict. Other sources were used to describe the actions of UNFICYP, of the two communities in Cyprus, and of Greece, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. All available evidence indicated that the United Nations Force in Cyprus had prevented a recurrence of fighting following the last major outbreak in August, 1964. The Force had also contributed to the maintenance and restoration of law and order and a return to normal conditions. However, the study also revealed that the withdrawl of the Force would result in renewed fighting and a decline in law and order. Mediation efforts have failed to bring about any solution to the political problems. As long as these political problems remain, the UN Force must also remain on Cypriot soil. UNFICYP cannot solve the fundamental political problems, but it can keep the peace in Cyprus and prevent outside intervention.



United Nations, Cyprus