Hitting the Road Towards a Greater Digital Destination: Strategic Planning and Evaluation of DAMS at the UH Libraries



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In the Summer of 2014, the University of Houston Libraries formed the DAMS Task Force to identify a system that can support the growing expectations of the UH Digital Library. This presentation will focus on the two core activities that the task force completed: needs assessment and DAMS evaluation. The presentation will discuss how task force members compiled the results of the assessment, established DAMS evaluation criteria, and used the approach to select a new DAMS. It will also reflect on the important role that collaboration, project management, and strategic planning played in this team-based approach to DAMS selection.


This presentation was delivered on October 27th, 2015 at the Digital Library Federation Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


digital asset management systems, assessment, evaluation, Digital asset management systems, Assessments, Evaluations