An analysis of sensitivity training and laboratory method in effecting changes in attitudes and concepts



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This study is an experimental investigation of Sensitivity Training and laboratory methods in effecting attitude and conceptual changes. Sensitivity Training is based on theoretical assumptions that individual and group attitudes can, and do, change in positive directions as the result of personal experience and involvement in group processes and development. The T Group design controls environment for minimum structure. As small groups share the T Group experience over time, processes of interaction result. As these occur, they provide the data for process analysis and experimentation. Most groups have a trainer to facilitate processes and individual learning. Selected as significant variables of the study are attitudes of acceptance of self and others, and concepts regarding social issues and democratic values. Subjects were secondary teachers of related social sciences enrolled in a Summer Bill of Rights Institute at the University of Houston from June 2, 1969 to July 11, 1969. Institute goals were to provide in-service training on Bill of Rights and Fifth Amendment issues. Laboratory design was 6 units of one week (5 days) each. Unit I was Sensitivity Training exclusively. Units II-VI stressed content material with T group design and laboratory methods for implementation. [...]



Group relations training., Attitude change.