The Impact of Discrimination in Relation to Suicide Ideation among 1st and 2nd Generation Asian American Individuals: The Moderating Role of Religiosity



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Available literature suggests that Asian Americans are more likely to develop suicidal thoughts compared to White/European Americans (Kisch, Leino, Silverman, 2005). Additionally, existing research indicates that suicide ideation manifests differentially based on self-reported measure of religiosity (Koenig, McCullough, Larson, 2001). Studies demonstrate a clear link between discrimination and suicide ideation across racial/ethnic minorities (Gomez, Miranda, Polanco, 2011). This study examined how the association between discrimination and suicide ideation differed as a function of religiosity for multi-generational Asian Americans. The data showed that as discrimination increased, those with lower levels of religiosity experienced higher levels of suicidal ideation. These findings are in line with previous research showing discrimination being directly and indirectly associated with suicide ideation (Walker, Salami, Carter, & Flowers, 2014) among ethno-racial minority populations.