Harry Hopkins: Social Work Legacy and Role in New Deal Era Policies

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University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work

The early 20th century was rife with much social, political, and economic change both positive and negative. During this time, social work became a profession, cemented by great minds and visionaries who sought a better society. Harry Hopkins was one such visionary: he was a model leader in social service provision and was one of the New Deal architects. This essay considers the roots of Hopkin’s influence, his experiences operating large federal agencies, his work in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration during the Great Depression and into World War II, and the dedication and commitment he displayed throughout his career as a public servant.

Perspectives on Social Work, Marcos J. Martinez, Elisa Kawam, Social Work, Harry Hopkins, New Deal, FDR Administration, Perspectives on Social Work, Social work, Hopkins, Harry, New Deal policies, FDR Administration