Corporate Social Responsibility in the Brazilian Lodging Industry: A Perspective of Small and Medium-Sized Properties


This study investigates the extent to which corporate social responsibilities (CSR) activities are communicated by small and medium-sized accommodation properties (SMPs) in a developing country, Brazil. Findings then were compared to the CSR activities of the top 150 lodging companies worldwide. For the comparison purposes, 150 Brazilian SMPs were selected randomly and content analysis done of 150 individual websites. The results show significant differences between the two groups and in two levels of communication. Content-wise, Brazilian companies paid more attention to society/community wellbeing and diversity/accessibility whereas the top 150 companies emphasized employment quality, society/community wellbeing, and environmental goals. Further comparison was made with regard level of communication and significant differences were found between commitments and initiatives. Brazilian lodging SMPs demonstrated to be in an incipient stage regarding CSR, where companies are mainly focusing on categories that tend to bring short-term benefits or had legal requirements rather than those that indicate a deeper social responsibility.



Corporate social responsibility, Lodging, Hospitality, Small and medium-sized properties