Generalized Convergence for Multi-Step Schemes under Weak Conditions


We have developed a local convergence analysis for a general scheme of high-order convergence, aiming to solve equations in Banach spaces. A priori estimates are developed based on the error distances. This way, we know in advance the number of iterations required to reach a predetermined error tolerance. Moreover, a radius of convergence is determined, allowing for a selection of initial points assuring the convergence of the scheme. Furthermore, a neighborhood that contains only one solution to the equation is specified. Notably, we present the generalized convergence of these schemes under weak conditions. Our findings are based on generalized continuity requirements and contain a new semi-local convergence analysis (with a majorizing sequence) not seen in earlier studies based on Taylor series and derivatives which are not present in the scheme. We conclude with a good collection of numerical results derived from applied science problems.

Mathematics 12 (2): 220 (2024)