FoSTT- Food Safety Training Toolkit for Novice Food Service Workers



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Introduction: It is essential that food service workers are trained effectively in order to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. Current training programs overlook an estimated 57% of food service workers who have little to no education. This could impede everyday tasks in a food service establishment for a food handler. It is important that food safety training is accessible to all food-handlers and that food-handlers with little to no education are taken into account. Purpose: FoSTT is intended to be an online supplement to current accredited food safety training programs. This toolkit will emphasize concepts that are essential to state-mandated food safety training programs. This toolkit is intended to prepare novice food-handers to earn required certification(s). Methods: Core concepts from state-mandated food safety training programs will be emphasized in FoSTT. The purpose of FoSTT will be to prepare food handlers to earn their certification. The curriculum will be based around key concepts from current accredited food safety training programs.