Comparison between Two Competing Newton-Type High Convergence Order Schemes for Equations on Banach Spaces

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We carried out a local comparison between two ninth convergence order schemes for solving nonlinear equations, relying on first-order Fréchet derivatives. Earlier investigations require the existence as well as the boundedness of derivatives of a high order to prove the convergence of these schemes. However, these derivatives are not in the schemes. These assumptions restrict the applicability of the schemes, which may converge. Numerical results along with a boundary value problem are given to examine the theoretical results. Both schemes are symmetrical not only in the theoretical results (formation and convergence order), but the numerical and dynamical results are also similar. We calculated the convergence radii of the nonlinear schemes. Moreover, we obtained the extraneous fixed points for the proposed schemes, which are repulsive and are not part of the solution space. Lastly, the theoretical and numerical results are supported by the dynamic results, where we plotted basins of attraction for a selected test function.

Foundations 3 (4): 643-659 (2023)