The endogenously formed free amino acid pools in Proteus vulgaris



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The endogenously formed free amino acid pools of Proteus vulgaris phase A and phase B have been studied. The free pool concentration of each of the common amino acids was analyzed in culture samples collected at 15 minute intervals during the growth of both synchronously and asynchronously growing cultures. The amino acid pool concentrations are presented in per 100 mg cell protein and per cell values and are shewn as they relate to the cell generation cycle in the synchronous cultures. The total amino acid pools of both organisms are presented as they occur in both types of culture and their relationship to protein synthesis is discussed. The free pools of member amino acids in each biosynthetic family of amino acids are discussed with regard to pool concentrations and observed patterns of coordination in fluctuations in these pool levels during the growth of both types of cultures. The studies on amino acid pools in synchronous cultures suggest significant differences between the two organisms in regard to total pool levels and early protein synthesis, the relationship between leucine and valine pools, and the occurrence of measurable free pools of cysteine.