Perinatal Depression: The Impact of Pre-screening on Adult Perinatal Women​


Antepartum depression is a widespread mental health concern that can negatively impact both the mother and the developing baby. However, the current approach to care involves only one screening after childbirth, despite many women experiencing symptoms throughout their pregnancy. The inadequate screening procedures for antepartum women have resulted in a troubling failure to recognize and treat depression during pregnancy. Numerous instances of depression among this group remain untreated, posing a significant risk to the emotional well-being of women during this vulnerable period. The insufficient screening contributes to the high occurrence of postpartum depression, affecting new mothers worldwide and causing harm to both maternal and infant health. It is vital to establish a comprehensive pre-screening program for depression to tackle this problem. This would ensure timely intervention, potentially reducing or even eliminating postpartum depression symptoms and enhancing mental health outcomes for antepartum women.



Depression, Perinatal depression, Screening for perinatal depression