Microanalysis of metals through the use of chelating polymers



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The analytical properties of the chelating polymers poly-glyoxal bis-2-hydroxyanil (poly-GBHA) and poly-glyoxal bis-2-mercaptoanil (poly-GBMA) and their applications were investigated. Both chelating polymers were coated on an inactive support (Chromosorb W) and then used in a column "filtration" procedure. Poly-glyoxal bis-2-mercaptoanil is suitable for selective enrichment of gold from natural water samples, especially those with relatively high salt content. The effect of colloidal gold, salt concentration, flow rate, interferences, and the elution from the column were studied in detail. The chelation and elution properties of poly-glyoxal bis-2-hydroxyanil were investigated for the microanalysis of copper, nickel, and cobalt. The effects of pH, metal concentration (copper, nickel, cobalt) flow rate, and interferences were extensively studied. The technique was applied to the analysis of the three metals in distilled and sea water.