Peripheral Wavefront Sensor with Fixation Target Made by Optical Simulation for Measuring Human Eye Regardless of Spectacle


This study proposes a custom-built aberrometer that measures peripheral defocus to evaluate myopia progression in the human eye. This advanced device can measure visual fields in both horizontal (up to 40°) and vertical (up to 30°) orientations. It incorporates a novel fixation target that is meticulously designed using an optical simulation software. Notably, each angular point of this novel fixation target differs considerably from the conventional fixation target. To mitigate the effects of the optical variations introduced by spectacles and the subject’s vision, we incorporated a position-variable lens positioned in front of the eye. This lens compensates for these variations, enhancing the precision of the measurements. To evaluate the performance of the proposed aberrometer, we conducted experiments under three distinct conditions: first, with the naked eye; second, while wearing spectacles; and third, while wearing a multifocal lens.




Photonics 11 (4): 332 (2024)