The relationship of strength and flexibility to tumbling skill achievement



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The problem of this study was to test the research hypothesis of Fleishman that basic abilities are related to achievement of skill development. An answer was sought to the question: Are basic abilities of static strength, dynamic strength, extent flexibility, and dynamic flexibility related to achievement of basic tumbling skills? Delimitations. The study was delimited to four sections of male undergraduate students enrolled in gymnastics classes in the basic instruction program of physical education at the University of Houston. The study was further delimited to static and dynamic strength items utilizing arm strength and to extent and dynamic flexibility items utilizing the entire body. Additional delimitations of the study were the fifty-two basic tumbling stunts and two tumbling routines composed of basic tumbling stunts. All stunts presented were suitable for beginning learners and recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation. Data Collection. There was a total of seventy subjects tested on the independent and dependent variables during a six week period. Twenty-eight subjects met two times per week for one and one-half hours per class, while forty-two subjects met three times per week for one hour per class. [...]



Tumbling, Motor ability--Testing, Physical fitness--Testing