Biofeedback training of 40 Hz EEG in humans : Effects on other EEG rhythms automatic activity



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Biofeedback procedures have been employed to establish control over several EEG rhythms in humans and animals. This study demonstrated successful training of human subjects to increase and suppress a high-frequency EEG rhythm, centered at UO Hz, using biofeedback procedures. Successful biofeedback training of EEG in one hemisphere also produced comparable changes in the opposite, untrained hemisphere. Substantial dissociation of 40 Hz EEG from potential muscle contaminators of EEG and from Beta EEG occurred in biofeedback training. No significant changes were found for Alpha and Theta EEG, and heart rate. However, objective measures of subjective correlates of 40 Hz EEG showed that changes in subjective awareness followed biofeedback-produced changes in EEG. Data suggested that procedural variables and variables related to individual differences significantly influenced EEG biofeedback learning. The potential of EEG biofeedback for research on EEG-behavior relations was discussed.