The effect of caffeine and glycine with the muscle electrolyte potassium chloride upon the recovery from muscular fatigue in the mouse

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It was the purpose of this study (1) to reaffirm the positive findings established for caffeine and glycine in their roles of being beneficial in the prolonging of fatigue and in the recovery from fatigue; (2) to determine what effect caffeine and glycine, with muscle electrolyte potassium chloride, has on the recuperation and total recovery time of a fatigued mouse. Female white mice were used under a plan of double work periods with a ten minute rest between periods. The substances under consideration were Injected subcutaneously at the beginning of the rest period. The percent recovery was calculated by dividing the first work period revolutions by the second work period revolutions and the quotient was multiplied by one hundred. Potassium chloride. In combination with caffeine sodium benzoate and glycine, was found to be beneficial in increasing the percent recovery in a fatigued mouse.