A spectroscopic study of carcinogenic hydrocarbons. I. A study of the absorption spectra of tetracyclic aromatic hydrocarbons



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Carcinogenic activities of certain of the alkyl tetracyclic erratic hydrocarbons have been assigned. These assigiments are based on published experimental data and on criteria established in this investigation. The ultra-violet absorption spectra of the alkyl derivatives of benz(a) anthracene and chrysene are reported. The frequencies and the molecular extinction coefficients of the bands are given; and in addition, the general band system features are discussed. Spectral shifts of the maximum of each band system (with respect to the parent compound) produced by alkyl substitution are gives. An approximate vibrational band analysis is reported. A correlation of the carcinogeaic activity and the wavenumber difference of the maadsass of the two principal band systems is established for the compounds studied.