Bridge2Hyku: Developing Migration Strategies



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The University of Houston (UH) Libraries, in partnership and consultation with numerous institutions, was awarded an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership/Project Grant to support the creation of the Bridge2Hyku (B2H) Toolkit. Focusing on general information and guides for migration as well as on specific content for migrating to the Hyku platform, the toolkit will help institutions better understand their digital library ecosystems and how they can prepare for migration. This presentation will offer background information on the ecosystems, workflows, and tools, collectively known as the Bayou City Digital Asset Management System (BCDAMS), implemented at the UH Libraries. The presenters will outline the key phases that make up the IMLS funded B2H Toolkit project plan. They will also discuss how the project engages and strengthens the open source Samvera Community (formerly Hydra Community) around Hyku by leveraging our collective expertise through strategic collaboration. For more information on the IMLS grant project, see



digital libraries, data migration, open source, Digital libraries, Data migration, Open source