Implementing Open Source Systems for Digital Asset Management and Preservation


The University of Houston (UH) Libraries recently completed the comprehensive evaluation and testing of multiple systems for digital asset management and preservation. In concurrent efforts, a Digital Asset Management Systems Task Force (DAMSTF) and Digital Preservation Task Force (DPTF) selected open source solutions – Hydra and Archivematica, respectively – for the long term stewardship of the UH Libraries’ digital collections. Members of the DAMSTF and DPTF will provide an overview of the systems implementation process and discuss some of the challenges that the implementation team has faced along the way.

This presentation was delivered on May 26, 2016 at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. The conference was held in the Commons Learning Center on the University of Texas J.J. Pickle Research Center Research Center Campus in Austin, TX.
digital asset management, digital preservation, open source software, project management, Digital asset management, Digital preservation, Open source software, Project management